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Naveen Naidu

Naveen Naidu

Hello, Homosapein o/

I'm Naveen. Welcome to my tiny little space on the web :)

I do stuffs with computers and sometimes write about it here. I also like to write about various life lessons that I learn and sometimes use this place to brag about myself :P, Besides spending time with computers I love to:

  • Read books, especially fantasy fiction - Brandon Sanderson ❤️ (well it's fun to escape the world :3)
  • Watch anything animated (name a animated movie, I bet I must've watched it 😉)
  • Eat high sugar content food (duh, who doesn't)
  • TDB.... (I am still in the process of discovering myself, I aim to explore as many things as I can - before somebody decides to pull the plug outta me xD)

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