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Naveen Naidu


Heyo 👋

I am Naveen. I am a Software Engineer by profession. Persistance, curiosity and adaptability are my biggest strengths. I love learning about the internals of a computer and someday I wish to achieve an eagle eye view about how they function.

I got introduced to computers via Video Games (Specifically this one). I spent most of my teenage cooped up in my room, figuring out a Windows PC and playing tons of Video Games, which ended up with me, developing a sense of superiority about me knowing everything about computers. It wasn't until I started my Undergraduate Computer Science studies in 2016 that I realized how dangerously wrong I was in my perception.

The truth of the huge contrast between my perceived reality and the real reality devastated me, yet at the same time it rekindled my childish curiosity and eagerness to learn everything there is about computers. Huh! Thinking about it, I didn't even know how to declare a variable back then. In a way, 2016 was the year of my formal introduction to Computer Science and it's principles.

From then on, it has been a roller coaster ride, I fell in love with Open Source Software and ended up doing Google Summer of Code and an Internship under Linux Foundation for The OpenMainframe Project. I also participated, organized and won a few hackathons :)

My short exposure to Software Development might be the reason for why I haven't yet found my favorite domain, favourer language etc etc. because everything seems so exciting and adventurous - I don't want to put a label to myself and restrict myself to a field, I want to try out everything, which I have been told is humanely impossible, but still - there's no harm in trying right? What am I going to loose anyway - There's only upside in it, I'll get to learn more 😋


Hasura (Jun 2020 - Present)
  • I work on the core Hasura server which generates the GraphQL API’s for the database and help write new features and bugs.
  • I designed and implemented the following features:
    • Node Limit: used to secure Hasura's GraphQL servers (Link: Docs, Video)
    • Query Tags: Provides end to end tracing and performance analysis of Hasura operations (Link: Docs , Video)

Linux Kernel Mentee (Jul 2021 - Present)
  • As part of mentorship, I am working under Bjorn Helgaas to help make the PCI core code and the drivers more maintainable.
  • My complete set of patches until now are present here. Few things that I worked on are:
    • Fix long standing PCI AER (Advance Error Reporting) defects.
    • Unify PCI Error response handling
    • Cleaning up redundant code pertaining to AER
    • Building a KUNIT test framework for testing parts of PCI core. (This is still WIP)

Ushur - SWE Intern (Jan 2020 - Mar 2020)
  • As part of DevOps team, I worked with Terraflow, Ansible, Prometheus, Github Actions and other tools to help the team automate the deployment processes of Ushur Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Built a monitoring tool which visual represents of all their EC2 instances.

OpenMainframe Project Intern (Jun 2019 - Sep 2019)

Google Summer of Code Student - coala (Apr 2019 - Sep 2019)
  • I drove the architecture and implementation of this project which perform static analysis on the files that contained Nested Languages such as Python and Jinja and suggest user patches about styling issues and various other linting errors.
  • Final Report present here

Contact Me ☎️

Unfortunately, I am not on many social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and the likes of it).

BUT.. You can always reach me via the old clickety clacky way: THE E-MAIL