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Naveen Naidu

Life Update - 2021

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Hola Amigos 0/

It's been a long time, since I blogged. As you might've noticed I moved away from GitHub pages. I now have my very own domain :3 which is powered by gatsby and is deployed using netlify.

People who visited my old blog, might've noticed, the older blog posts are no longer present here. There are two reasons for that:

  1. I am really lazy to copy the content from there and paste it here
  2. My old blog posts were more about my ramblings and feelings, and I am no longer confident to host it on the public domain.

Maybe in future, once I get time to introspect further, I might post them back. But until then, they would lay hidden somewhere 🧰

That being said, for the curious readers and friends who were worried about me I am in a much better state (emotionally and physically) right now. Couldn't have had reached this without my family. Much 💖 to them.

I have successfully graduated from my Bachelors in Computer Science \o/ and am now working as a Haskell Engineer at Hasura. And I am having lot's of fun here. Hasura is everything that I wanted my first job to be. As the time of writing, I have completed almost 1 and half year with them and I got to play and build lots of interesting stuff. TL;DR I got my hands dirty a lot!!

Thanks to remote working, All of us (Mom, Dad, Brother and I) are back under the same roof after almost 6 years. Phew!! It's surreal. Obviously all of us had clashes at the beginning, which was bound to happen since all of us had developed different identities and have stayed away for too long. But not everything is back to normal, I couldn't have asked for anything better :)

Dad retired this year June and all of us have now shifted to Bangalore, India. Can I call myself Bangalorean now? :P

That said, the very exciting part is, I got selected into the Linux Kernel mentorship Program for the PCI Project from over 150+ applicants. I've always wanted to get into system programming; away from most of the abstractions. And I finally do have the chance to work on the Linux Kernel. I couldn't believe when I received the acceptance mail. The only thing I was worried about was handling two full time work simultaneously. But after spending almost 1 and half month managing both, things seem fine :)

Honestly, working and reading through the PCI subsystem code is so much fun. There are so many things that I find myself tinkering with. I haven't had this much fun working on any other computer project till now. I am starting to believe that I like to be closer to the hardware more and work on system programming.

That's the update for now folks, In the coming days, I'll be adding more posts about my tasks and work that I am doing in my mentorship. Check them out, if it piques your interest.

Ciao for now ^^