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Naveen Naidu

Linux Kernel Mentorship Program - Intro

lkmp1 min read

Henlooo Peeps o/

This is going to be a very short post. I would like to explain what Linux Kernel Mentorship Program (in short LKMP) is about and how one would go about applying to it.

Quoting from the website:

The Linux Kernel Mentorship Program offers a structured remote learning opportunity to aspiring Linux Kernel developers. Experienced Linux Kernel developers and maintainers mentor volunteer mentees and help them become contributors to the Linux Kernel.

The Linux Kernel Mentorship Program includes three 12-week, full-time volunteer mentee positions, and two 24-week part-time volunteer mentee positions each year. Please check the 2021 Linux Kernel Mentorship Program and get started. This is a remote opportunity and there is no need to relocate or move to participate.

For more information about the program please check out:

I would definitely recommend you to apply. Do not fear if you know nothing about how Linux Kernel works etc. The application process is very engaging and by the time you finish the application process, you would have already had a glance of how the Linux Kernel Community works. IMHO it's worth it :)

That's all, Sayonara :D